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Introduction of WeMedia

Who are we?

NewsDog is an India-focused news APP that uses cutting-edge technology to recommend the most relevant and interesting news individually to each user. Since the APP was launched in March 2016, we have accumulated over 10 million users and are ranked among top 3 news apps on Google Play.

What is NewsDog WeMedia Platform?

NewsDog WeMedia Platform (Hereafter “ Platform ”) is the easiest way to publish articles on NewsDog app. Do not have a website or a blog and still want to write awesome content? NewsDog WeMedia platform is an easy-to-use content writing and distributing tool to reach millions of readers and monetize your content.

Why write with NewsDog WeMedia?

Apart from being an easy-to-use tool, WeMedia is an instant recipe for reaching millions of readers, earning revenue and becoming super famous! Read on.

Maximize your reach

NewsDog makes sure your awesome content reaches the right audience. A captivating reading experience has enabled us to retain millions of active readers who are constantly seeking interesting content like yours. Our machine learning algorithm understands users’ preferences and distributes your content to the right audience instantaneously.

Monetize your article

We will share the advertising revenue generated by NewsDog with you. Our ads provide better user experience and higher revenue potentials because (1) our ads are seamlessly displayed along with the articles, hence don’t hurt user experience; (2) we understand what users like, hence can place more relevant ads and yield higher click through rate; (3) our 10 million users constantly refresh and read news content on our APP, which generates unlimited revenue potential!

Diversified Content

Multiple content categories attract readers with diverse tastes and preferences. You as our partner can choose to publish many types of content, be it local news or your personal blogs. NewsDog will find the right readers for you.

Real-time Insights

We provide excellent user insights to our partners which helps you gauge what users prefer to read. You can obtain insights about readers’ preferences to improve engagement. Contents’ engagement statistics are collected real time and readers’ preferences are analyzed from millions of articles displayed every day.



You need to register a NewsDog WeMedia account to publish your articles and videos so that these content can be recommended to millions of readers in NewsDog App.

Currently, NewsDog WeMedia Platform is only open to writers and bloggers who want to publish articles, gain influence and earn shared revenue.

Registration Portal: mp.newsdog.today


We have to make sure you are not a robot. You can create your WeMedia account by email or Facebook profile.

By email verification, you will receive a verification email in your mailbox. (for our early Platform testing, we recommend you to use email verification)

By Facebook account verification, you will go directly to the account information setting page.

Account Information

Before Newsdog WeMedia Team reviews your account application, you need to fill some necessary information about your famous-to-be WeMedia account.

(1) Account Logo

You must upload a clear and healthy logo. A nice logo will give your readers a good impression.

(2) Account Name

Fill the blank with your Account Name. Try to make it interesting or to reflect something you wanted. Your WeMedia Account name can be English or Hindi.

If you are not the owner of other Media Brands, please don’t put other brand’s name here. NewsDog hold the right to suspend your account if you can’t provide valid material to prove your ownership.

(3) Your Name

Fill the blank with your name. This will help us confirm your name and your PAN Card / Aadhaar Card information, for the Revenue Share Program. NewsDog will keep this information confidential.

(4) PAN Card / Aadhaar Card

Fill the blank with your PAN Card / Aadhaar Card number. Please make sure the PAN Card / Aadhaar Card number you type is valid. Having your valid PAN Card / Aadhaar Card information in place is very important for you to receive the shared revenue. NewsDog will keep this information confidential.

(5) Phone Number

Fill the blank with your mobile phone number. We will contact you through this phone number, so please make sure it's valid. NewsDog will keep this information confidential.

(6) Address

Fill the blank with your address and the city you are living now.

Don't forget to choose your state.

Fill the blank with the correct postcode.

(7) Description

You have to write a description about your WeMedia Account in less than 150 words. A nice-written description would help readers understand you.

(8) Licence Agreement

Before you click the [CONTINUE] button, please read the License and Revenue Sharing Agreement carefully.

Click the check box to agree with this Agreement.

If you have any problem with this Agreement, please contact us through email( WeMedia@hinterstellar.com ).

Application Status

  • Once you submitted your account information, NewsDog WeMedia Platform team will review your account application in 24 hours (work day).
  • You will receive an Approval Email if your NewsDog WeMedia Account is approved.
  • You will receive a Deny Email if your NewsDog WeMedia Account is denied.
  • You can also refresh mp.newsdog.today to check the application status in real-time.

Sign in

  • Visit mp.newsdog.today
  • Click WeMedia
  • Sign the NewsDog WeMedia Platform with your email or with your Facebook.
  • Tah Dahhhh, welcome aboard to NewsDog WeMedia Platform.

Content Policy

NewsDog WeMedia Platform provides a free service for you to express your thoughts, show your talent and communicate with each other. In order to ensure a good experience for both writers and bloggers, please read our Content Policy carefully.

If any content violates our content policy, it will not be published on our Platform. What’s more, we may terminate your account at our sole discretion and without liability.

Details of the Content Policy:


  1. Should not be less than three words but not more than 20 words.
  2. No abuse of punctuation.
  3. No slanderous, threatening, exaggerating, sexually demeaning or non-related title.
  4. Must be related to the content and informative.


  1. No fake or outdated news.
  2. No obscene content or related text, image or video.
  3. No malicious content related to blood, violence, terrorism, gambling or drugs.
  4. No superstitious, religiously extremist, criminally inciting content.
  5. The content should not be defamatory to any person, organisation or entity.

Article Format

  1. Article should be complete and be at least more than 20 words.
  2. The layout should be clear and readable.
  3. There should be an adequate and detailed description of the image.


  1. No plagiarized content from other media. We have strong checks in place for this.
  2. When using a summary or while paraphrasing, the source should be credited.
  3. No unauthorized use of image, video or article is allowed.
  4. No unauthorized use of corporate name, logo or title.
  5. No violation of personal fame, image or privacy.


  1. Cover image must be related to the content.
  2. In case of three Cover Images, they will only be visible under WiFi.
  3. No sensitive or sexually explicit image.


  1. No redirection of URL or link.
  2. No affiliate promotion URL should be used without our prior consent.
  3. No ads without our prior consent.
  4. No content promotion on our app/website without our prior consent.
  5. Introducing products is prohibited on our platform, including providing certain info on how to buy/sell products, such as phone number/address/website/WhatsApp.
  6. Not allowed: Content containing extra information that is not directly related to the content, such as contact info, intention to share, irrelevant link, welcome to XXX, etc.
  7. Restricted: Content containing any kind of job offers, such as recruitment and employment information.

Terms and Conditions

  1. NewsDog reserves the right to remove any content that it thinks is not fit for the Platform without any prior notice.
  2. The author will be held responsible and lawfully accountable for any breach of the content policy in case of prosecution.
  3. Please go through the revenue model carefully to avoid financial disputes.
  4. By entering this platform, you allow NewsDog to use your original work on its product.

WeMedia Platform Usage Brief Guide

NewsDog WeMedia Platform provides a comprehensive platform for writing, publishing, earning and analyzing content for freelance writers, blogger and anyone who want to make his own success during the new WeMedia world.

In NewsDog WeMedia Platform, your content, such as articles, pictures, GIFs and video will be distributed to millions of daily active user in India. This Platform will help you to earn a decent income by providing readers your great content under NewsDog WeMedia Revenue Share Program*.

Let's check out how to use NewsDog WeMedia Platform to start a successful career.

Homepage Introduction

As you login the Platform, you will see this homepage which will provide income and read information, platform notice and message from the Platform Administrator, also this is the portal for you to start your writing.

(1) Here are the Tabs for you to publish, manage, analyze, income review and setting changes.

(2) Here is the information about how much money you have earned in NewsDog WeMedia Platform under Revenue Share Program and how many reads you have received from your readers.

(3) Here you will receive Platform notice only for you.

(4) Here you will find Platform notice like FAQ, Income Policy, New Feature Online Notice, and something like these.

How to post an article

Here in NewsDog WeMedia Platform, we provide writers a simple but powerful editor to edit and publish their great articles.

(1) Put your title here. The title of your article should be less than 20 words(English or Hindi or Other Language). The title you write should be clear and easy to understand. A well-written title will give your readers a great first impression which means more click on the article.

(2) You can add pictures and video to your article for the better reading experience by using the editor to upload pictures and add Youtube video links. Also, NewsDog WeMedia Platform supports GIF picture (Maximum 5M).

(3) Here you can type your content. A well-structured article will help readers to understand the idea you are writing. We recommend you to add one picture every 3 or 4 paragraphs.

(4) As we mentioned in the (2), you should at least add one picture in your article. This editor provides you a function to choose from Auto Mode , One Image Mode , and Three Images Mode .

The difference between these three modes is: Auto Mode, the coziest mode for you if you don't want to choose how much images the article will be displayed in the NewsDog App, and the NewsDog App will decide one or three images depends on the network environment(one for 3/4G and three for WIFI); One Image, only one image will be displayed in the NewsDog App under your article title; Three Image, three images will be displayed in the NewsDog App under your article title.

Check out the differences between the Image Modes below:

(5) Choose the right category for your article. Your articles will be displayed in the respective categories in NewsDog app. The right category will help your article get more read.

(6) Once you finished your writing, you can** [Save] it as a draft for later submit. Or you can [Preview]** how readers will read your article. Or** [Submit] it to the Platform for content review. Or, just [Cancel]** it, and start to write another article.

Article Management

(1) Status category of your article.

[All] All of your articles, no matter published or failed.

[Published] Your published articles.

[Pending] The articles you submitted are pending for NewsDog WeMedia Platform review.

[Failed] Articles have not been published by NewsDog.

[Draft] Once you click the [Save] in the editor page, you will see your saved draft here.

[Offline] If you think your article has something inappropriate for your readers or your brand, you can offline it. Once you offline your article, it won't be displayed anymore.

[Suspended] Articles have been offlined by NewsDog.

(2) Real-time data information of one recommended article you published.

In this part, you can get count information like recommended, read, comments, share, bookmark. It will take you some time to understand how the Machine Learning system of NewsDog WeMedia Platform works. You will gradually understand the platform as you publish more.

[Offline] If you find some typo or error in your article, or you find this article inappropriate to your readers, you can click** [Offline]** to withdraw this article. We don't offer [Re-Publish] function, please treat the [Offline] cautiously.

Data Analysis

In this Overview page, you can have a look at the data analysis of your published articles. You can also check the detailed data in the last one, two and four weeks upon respective selection.


NewsDog aims to generate handsome profit for the content you write. You are allowed to withdraw the revenue that your articles generate through NewsDog WeMedia Shared Revenue Program. You can find all earnings related information under the ‘Income’ tab.


[Overview] tab shows the total income generated by all your articles. Furthermore, you can also check the income generated by your article in the last one, two and four weeks upon respective selection.


The [Withdrawal] tab shows the total balance available for withdrawal. You can withdraw this amount by clicking the ‘withdraw’ button and the amount will be transferred to your registered bank account within seven business days . Please note you can only withdraw when your balance reaches** Rs 1000**.

Activity Bonus, Invitation Bonus and Special Program Bonus granted from NewsDog WeMedia will be paid in * Rupees *through * PayTm **. Reach WeMedia@hinterstellar.com for more information about the bonus.

Bank Account

Please enter the bank account details of the account you want your money to be transferred. Please make sure you carefully mention all the details related to your bank account such as Account number, Account holder name, Swift Code etc. Uploading a clear and valid photo ID proof (Govt. approved) is mandatory, all accounts without a proper ID proof will be considered invalid. Note: Aadhar Card, Pan Card are acceptable ID proofs