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Student Plan

Introduction of Student Supporting Plan

Who are we?


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Just need 6 images or 150 words to formed an article.

What’s Student Supporting Plan?

To encourage youth to raise the voice, NewsDog WeMedia platform launched series of benefits and bonuses for student writers to create bigger impact and get better income.

For NewsDog WeMedia new student content creators registered with the invitation code “dfozzc” after 8th June, 2018 exclusively

1. GET 100% guaranteed revenue share in the first 6 months rather than 50%.
2. GET special traffic support for your articles in the first month.
3. Chance to WIN NewsDog Best Student Writer Award with 500 rupee scholarship from NewsDog.

Introduction of NewsDog Best Student Writer Award

What’s NewsDog Best Student Writer Award?

Award was set up to honor student writers who uses NewsDog WeMedia platform, making the most impact on society through their published contents.

Who is eligible to be a candidate?

- Student identity and sign up with the invitation code
- Summit student ID card image when you withdraw the balance through Paytm
- Join NewsDog WeMedia platform as a content creator after 8th, June, 2018

Who can win the prize?

- Top 5 total amount of articles published among all student content creators
- 5 spots each month from July to Dec. and in total 30 new students content creators.

What’s the prize?

- NewsDog Best Student Writer Certificate and Rs.500/- scholarship

Award criteria:

- The number of the article published after 8th of June till 31st of July will be eligible for July award.
- Starting from Aug. till Dec, only the articles published in that month are valid.
- The result will be announced on the first day of the following month
- Winner will not be excluded in the following month, which means you have the chance to win 6-month award in a row.

For example, articles published in Aug. are eligible to be counted and the winner list will be revealed on 1st of Sep.

NewsDog WeMedia Platform reserves right of final interpretation of these rules.